We have a Large Selection of Dry, canned, Air Dried, Freeze Dried, Raw Frozen  & formulas. Here are some examples of what you will find at TLC



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Grain Free Formulas

Raw  Freeze Dried

Raw Frozen


Blue Buffaloblue dog food

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 rating 4 star

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evangers dog food

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Fromm dog Food

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Vets Choice

Health Extension Dog Food

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Natural Balance   Natural Balance Dog Food

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 Natural Balance Dog Food

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Primal Dog Food

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Stella And Cheweys

stella and chewys dog food

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Wellness Dog Food

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zignature dog food

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Choose from these high quality canned food formulas



Evangers Braised Beef Chunks With GravyEvangers Roasted Chicken DrummetEvangers Sweet Potato For Dogs And CatsEvangers Lamb And Rice DinnerEvangers Turkey DinnerEvangers Duck And Sweet Potato DinnerEvangers Chicken DinnerEvanger's Super Premium Braised Beef Chunks CansEvanger's Super Premium Cooked Chicken CansEvanger's Super Premium Hunk of Beef CansEvanger's Super Premium Vegetarian Dinner CansEvangers Super Premium Beef Dinner Cans

Evo Beef Canned FoodEvo Chicken Turkey Canned Food

Fromm Chicken PatteFromm Salmon PatteFromm Duck Patte
Health Extension Chicken EntreeHealth Extension Meaty Mix BeefHealth Extension Lamb EntreeHealth Extension Duck EntreeHealth Extension Meaty Mix TurkeyTitle-Merrick
Merrick Thanksgiving Dinner Canned Food
Wellness Chicken & Sweet PotatoWellness Duck & Sweet PotatoWellness Lamb & Sweet PotatoWellness Just For PuppyWellness Super5mix Senior CansWellness Super5Mix Whitefish CansWellness Turkey & Sweet PotatoWellness Venison & Sweet PotatoWellness Core Salmon, Whitefish & HerringWellness Core Turkey, Chicken & Turkey LiverTitle-Natural-BalanceL.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Chicken & Sweet Potato Canned Dog FormulaL.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Duck & Potato Canned Dog FormulaL.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Lamb & Brown Rice Canned Dog FormulaL.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Venison & Sweet Potato Canned Dog FormulaUltra Premium Beef Canned Dog FormulaUltra Premium Lamb Canned Dog FormulaL.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Bison & Sweet Potato Canned Dog FormulaNatural Balance Ultra
Canned BLUE Healthy Dog Food - ChickenCanned BLUE Healthy Dog Food - LambCanned BLUE Healthy Dog Food - Fish and Sweet Potato with Garden VegetablesCanned BLUE Healthy Dog Food - TurkeyCanned BLUE Healthy Dog Food - BeefBLUE Freedom Chicken GrillBLUE Wilderness Turkey & Chicken GrillBLUE Wilderness Duck & Chicken GrillBLUE Wilderness Salmon & Chicken GrillSunday Chicken DinnerBlue Buffalo Backyard BBQBlue Buffalo Turkey Day FeastBlue Buffalo Mom's Chicken PieShepherds PieBlue Buffalo Irish Lamb StewBlue Buffalo Hearty Beef StewCountry Chicken StewBlue Buffalo Tasty Turkey Stew

Visit our Syosset Dog Grooming shop ,  or our Huntington Dog Grooming Shop and speak to our knowledgable staff about which food is best for your dog.

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