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We love pampering our customers pups. Before you come in take a look at our menu to see if there are ways we can better serve you and your doggy too.


The Bubble Bath will give your dog that groomed look, without the hair cut. Choose the Bubble Bath and your  dog will get a soothing bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, foot pad hair cleaned up, and brush out. Having company over? House cleaner coming today? Or does you dog just need a freshening up? Perfect time to schedule a Bubble Bath at TLC.

The Regular Groom is a Bubble Bath PLUS trimming of the feet, face, and privates. Choose the Regular Groom if your dog does not require a full body haircut, but you want the hygiene areas trimmed and the face and head trimmed, We will also trim up the pad hair and feet. This is an In-Between groom for the dogs that do not need a Full Groom every time they visit us. It's $10 less than your dogs Full Service Groom.

The Full Groom is a full body, breed specific haircut or full puppy cut. We do the Bubble Bath, PLUS the Regular Groom, AND add the full body haircut too. We will remove tangles and mats, give a soothing bath, and make your dog look like a super star. We reccommend scheduling a Full Groom at least every 8 weeks.

 Spa Package .......................... Includes Fresh Facial Treatment, Paw Treatment, Full Body Oatmeal/Cucumber Spa Shampoo, and Spa Fragrance. All Treatments soak for 10 minutes for full effect.
Nail Trimming ......................... Included with every bath and groom or walk in any time for just a nail trim no appointment necessary.
Nail Filing................................. In addition to the nail trimming you may want to have your dogs nails filed. This allows us to get the nails shorter and your dogs nails will be more gentle on your skin.
Nail, Pad and Feet Trim ..........
In addition to the nail trimming you may want to have your dogs pad hair and feet trimmed. No appointment necessary.
Anal Glands Expressed .......... Some dogs may need this service to give relief if they are scooting or licking.


Shed-Less Treatment ............. Removes excessive shedding. Furminator shampoo and conditioner is used to loosen the hair follicles. Then 2 additional tools and 20 additional minutes of brushing.
Teeth Brushing ....................... Gentle but effective brushing, removes any debri causing bad breath. Helps keep plaque from forming. We use an anti-bacterial gel thatleaves breath minty fresh.
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