TLC Doggy Day Spa carries all of the hottest doggy toys, beds, grooming supplies, leashes and collars, treats and more, come check us out for all your dogs needs.

We know what your dogs need and our prices are what you need. Shop Local and Save too.

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Treats don't just tell your dog you love them. They are important for training and keeping teeth and gums healthy too. If your looking for the newest treats to surprise your best friend, we have what your looking for. TLC carries a wide variety of healthy, all natural treats made in the U.S.A. From chicken strips to dental bones. Freeze dried treats to all natural elk antlers. Your dogs worth the trip.

Leashes and Collars

We have a huge variety of leashes, collars, and harnasses to choose from. Our staff will guide you to the right fit and features for your dog. If your training your dog to walk politely, we have the tools you need to make it happen. We also have the latest fashions and many colors to chose from.


TLC has a great selection of luxurious beds and crate mats to help your dog find his comfy place in your home to call his own, Most are stain resistant and washable. Our beds are guaranteed to make your dog feel like a king or queen in your home.

Dog Grooming Supplies

We have a full line of grooming supplies including brushes, nail clippers, shampoos, and tear stain removers such as Angel Eyes and Eye Envy. The dog grooming experts will guide you to the appropriate grooming tools for your dog and show you how to use them correctly and safely. We will help you keep nails trimmed, ears and eyes clean, and reduce shedding.

Health and Nutrition

We can do a lot for our pets at home. Most importantly we need to give the right nutrition that our dogs need to maintain good immunity and digestion, and keep our dogs skin, coat, eyes, teeth and ears healthy. At times your dogs diet may need supplementation to assist in maintaining good health and hygiene. We carry the highest quality multi-vitamins, tear stain removers, dental care products, fish oils to help skin and coat, and probiotics to help dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Clean Up

Puppies and grown up dogs both need help in the clean up department. Lucky for all of us, there are many products available to make clean up a breeze. Nutures Miracle and Four Paws Wee Wee Pads help with puppy training and wee wee pad trained dogs. Check out our selection of crates, pens, gates, and pooper scoopers too.

Flea and Tick

Keep your pets protected all year long with topical monthly Zodiac Power Spot.  We also have Seresto Flea Collars, Capstar, room foggers, carpet sparays, and flea and tick repellant sprays. Thanks to modern flea and tick prevention  dogs do not need to worry about fleas and ticks anymore. Keep up the protection all year long for guarenteed rusults..